Descendents – ‘Merican

Just when you think the Descendents have quit, they pop up again. Their latest project is a four-song, one-hidden-track EP with two tracks that will appear on their upcoming full-length, and two that are exclusive to this recording (so you don’t feel too gypped buying it).

Tintin – Self Titled


There is nothing like the feeling you get as you unwrap a CD, slide it into the player, and this huge wave of music pours out of the speakers, drenching your vehicle and your ears with unexpected delight. After hearing a few MP3 tracks from the Tintin web site, I knew these guys had what […]

The Very Hush Hush – Washing Songs

The Very Hush Hush

Like Nancy Regan said, “Just say NO” to drugs. You don’t need them. Washing Songs will literally bleach out any remnants of stress, anger, pain, or other negative emotions that may be wreaking havoc on your everyday life. If you gave this CD to all those nasty Taliban freaks, our soldiers could come home. This […]