Riot Fest 2016 News: Jane’s Addition, Hold Steady, Sleater-Kinney

The cat’s out of the festival bag. This morning before the eggs were ready off the skillet, Riot Fest got out their line up news following yesterday’s cryptic teaser videos (“Been Caught Stealin” was one hint). Jane’s Addiction fans should be happy to hear the band will perform the classic album, Ritual de lo Habitual, […]

Descendents – Cool To Be You

I already reviewed the Descendents’ EP last month, so if I need to harp yet again on the fact that this is the band that most MTV-punks want to be (whether they know it or not)–well, I’m going to anyway. If you don’t like the Descendents, you’ll be the first person I’ve met. There’s just […]

Descendents – ‘Merican

Just when you think the Descendents have quit, they pop up again. Their latest project is a four-song, one-hidden-track EP with two tracks that will appear on their upcoming full-length, and two that are exclusive to this recording (so you don’t feel too gypped buying it).