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Descendents – ‘Merican

Just when you think the Descendents have quit, they pop up again. Their latest project is a four-song, one-hidden-track EP with two tracks that will appear on their upcoming full-length, and two that are exclusive to this recording (so you don’t feel too gypped buying it).


“Nothing With You” is the classic Descendents punk rock love song. They stole the concept from the Ramones, and perfected it, and no matter how many they write, they’ve always gotten better at it. “Here With Me” is another Descendents tradition, the breakup song, again, done as only the Descendents can.

“‘Merican” is the requisite State of the Union address, done much better in Karl Alvarez’s words than George Bush’s. It shows the conflict within all of us these days. We’re all proud and ashamed of our country.

Last off, you get “I Quit,” which may seem ironic since this EP is only a precursor to yet another full-length from this band, but it’s a song that perfectly embodies what this band wants out of life. They don’t want to be rock stars, they just want to make their music, say what they want to say, and then go back to their lives. Who can blame them?

What more is there to say about this band? If you’re not familiar with Bill Stevenson’s drums, Steven Egerton’s guitar, Karl Alvarez’s bass and Milo Aukerman’s vocals (and college career), you should be. This is the band that made pop punk an art form, not just a way to prettify punk rock for the masses.


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