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The Very Hush Hush – Washing Songs

The Very Hush Hush

Like Nancy Regan said, “Just say NO” to drugs. You don’t need them. Washing Songs will literally bleach out any remnants of stress, anger, pain, or other negative emotions that may be wreaking havoc on your everyday life. If you gave this CD to all those nasty Taliban freaks, our soldiers could come home.

This four-track EP rolls up lullaby vocals (look back to Seam circa 1995), ‘50s science fiction movie samples, crashing waves of symbols, and Valium hued keyboards into luscious trip to happy land. “Bed Turned Down” is layered with the obscurity of Pink Floyd, the coasting speed of Red House Painters, and the subtly of a rainy day. Starting off with just a simmer, the title track “Washing Songs” starts to boil as jazz-like drum improvisations reach a peak, then drop away with a the pull of a switch, the last breath escapes, and the song glides down softly, marking the end of the ride.

Given this EP is just the beginning for this Denver band; it’s a sweet appetizer to what we can expect to dig into when their full course arrives. They have a number of shows coming up – February 21 at Climax with Colder Than Fargo and Rad, Saturday March 13 at The Hi-Dive with Mishka Shubaly and another fab Colorado band, Bear Vs. Larger Bear. Going into April they play on the 20th at Club 156 with TV On The Radio, and again on the 24th at The Historic Oriental Theatre with other local atmosphere masters, Tintin and Drop the Fear.


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