Against Me – The Eternal Cowboy

Against Me makes its official debut on Fat Wreck Chords with the 11-track The Eternal Cowboy, almost an EP by punk standards. Driven by classic punk aesthetic, Against Me maintains a decidedly lo-fi focus on punk’s street folk leanings, giving it an organic edge that at times goes beyond what acts like Rancid and Flogging […]

The Go – Self-Titled

It’s ironic that I have That 70’s Show playing and on mute and I take in the tunes of The Go, because it takes me back to the early days of my youth when my passion for music was well on its way to becoming an obsession…when guitars were sexy and the lead singers even […]

Various Artists – Santa Clause – It’s A Punk Rock Christmas – Immortal Records

It's a Punk Rock Christmas

When it comes to modern holiday classics, it’s tough to beat Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song” or Mr. Garrison’s “Merry Fucking Christmas.” But as long as there’s a Trans-Siberian Orchestra, then releases like “A Santa Cause/It’s a Punk Rock Christmas” will always be most welcome. With 21 tracks in all, the disc offers a mix […]

Unee-q – Slow Dance


Many times R&B music, at least what they play on commercial radio, can be a bit trite and contrived…predictable story lines of heartache and lovelorn souls. For those who love that stuff, it’s a no brainer that Unee-Q would hit the top of their charts.  But there’s more to this R&B man of music than […]