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Unee-q – Slow Dance


Many times R&B music, at least what they play on commercial radio, can be a bit trite and contrived…predictable story lines of heartache and lovelorn souls. For those who love that stuff, it’s a no brainer that Unee-Q would hit the top of their charts.

 But there’s more to this R&B man of music than “don’t ya know I love ya baby” lyrics and American Idol type of harmony. He lives up to his moniker by delivering captivating vocal trips backed by luscious piano lines and soulful beats. Yes, there are a number of love songs that cover the overall theme of the album. Yes, some songs are a bit on the simplistic side in terms of rhythms and lyrical content.

Yet, it is Unee-Q’s simplicity in the angelic nature of his voice, which is one if his most appealing traits, including the short but sweet ballad and dedication on “Dear Mom”.

If Unee-Q had the connections to beatmasters like Craig David had with Artful Dodger, he could expand his fan base even further by adding a chewy filling to his chocolate delights. Just a thought.



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