Pupils – Self Titled

Damn. The Pupils are creepy creepy born-in-a-stable-to-backwoods-inbred-parents music. Boy, are they creepy. Reminds me of a more subdued Old Time Relijun mixed with a more minimal and gritty Palace or Bonnie Prince Billie.

Rainville – The Longest Road in America

To say that Rainville makes honest American music; I’d say is just about right on the money. With the release of The Longest Road in America, this Colorado band manifests gritty, hard hitting alternative country tunes like “Wasted Away”, “5 Dollar Shower” and “She Scared Me”, which are reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, and others […]

Various Artists – Playing 4 Square 2 – Suburban Home, Polyvinyl, Fueled by Ramen, Drive-Thru Records


Much to the dismay of vinyl addicts worldwide, it appears the 7-inch is slowly but surely losing favor to the almighty $5 compilation. It should come as no surprise that even indie labels prefer to promote a product that showcases their entire portfolio of acts, rather than distributing a split single for the two bands […]

Someday I – Ref 4

Somday I - Ref 4

For a few years now, Someday I have been operating under the radar of most people outside Fort Collins, Colorado. This is just their second full length, and Someday I have never been a band to rush recordings out to the public. This is sort of an extreme case, as this was recorded a full […]

Sunday’s Best – Californian

Sundays Best

After putting out “Poised To Break” a couple years back, it quickly gained Sunday’s Best, a relatively unknown band to that point a lot of attention. It landed on tons of year end top ten lists (mine included), and rightfully so. It was a sometimes subtle, though always catchy pop rock record that also fit […]

TransHypnotic – Playground Politics


This release actually came out a few months ago, but if you haven’t heard it before, than it’s new to you. Your finicky ears deserve to hear this Denver band made up of colorful songwriters and an unique art rock style that’s not commonly found on the stages of our local venues. TransHypnotic takes us […]

Wind-Up Merchants – Sprain Pkwy

Wind Up Merchants

Caught somewhere between Jason Falkner and a four-track version of King’s X, Denver’s own the Wind-Up Merchants can and should be every bit as successful and influential as local-scene graduates Apples In Stereo. The trio’s debut album “Sprain Pkwy” is a broad and bold sampling of tunes that do a suitable job of introducing listeners […]