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Red Chord – Fused Together In Revolving Doors

It’s pretty rare that I get a record that is as heavy as this, but also has the kind of range these guys showcase here. This is definitely best described as heavy, almost death metal, but it also has it’s fast hardcore tendencies throughout the whole record.

The vocals also have more than your average range and variety. They’re sometimes the super low growl I’m not usually into, but this guy does it really well. But more often it is not quite as low, and sounds a bit like Sean from
Coalesce. The drummer can definitely play fast, and utilize the double bass drum, which also brings up the death metal thing. But he also has good variety, and economy to keep things from ever getting predictable or stale. There are even some really heavy, but quick breakdowns that do a lot to keep the songs moving, and surely keep the crowd moving live.

The guitarists work really well with the bass. They mix it up well between riffs, and power chords, with a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan influenced leads. A lot of the time both guitars are playing similar, or identical leads on top of each other, which works really well. This has nine songs in just a hair under half an hour. This should catch the ear of the metal kids, and the hardcore kids much like the aforementioned Coalesce and Dillinger always have. The Red Chord have delivered one of the best heavy releases I got this issue.

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