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Someday I – Ref 4

Somday I - Ref 4

For a few years now, Someday I have been operating under the radar of most people outside Fort Collins, Colorado. This is just their second full length, and Someday I have never been a band to rush recordings out to the public. This is sort of an extreme case, as this was recorded a full year ago. Either way, the sound of this record is a bit of a departure from their debut, “Look Up And Live”. Things are a bit more heavy, and even dark this time around, though they still maintain a strong leaning towards a few D.C. bands. The range of different things going on here is pretty noticeable, even on the first listen. A few of the songs are pretty sparse, and bring to mind a more stripped down version of Juno. Others are just plain pissed, especially on the all too short opening track, and on “I Already Quit” (one of the highlights here). These guys can all play, though the focus is always on the song itself, not stretching their abilities on every song (which is nice).

Everybody does get a few chances to show off though. It’s obvious that a lot of time was spent on the songs, as each song has a lot going on structurally. But the album as a whole also has a lot of variety from song to song, which would indicate the songs were written over a longer than average period. There are a few off-balance moments, especially in a few of the transitions from section to section. But those moments are rarely the focal point of the song, or any section that’s repeated. All in all though this is a well thought out, and well constructed record.

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