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The Dan Band – The Dan Band Live!

MTV, to a certain extent, has helped further define the line between an artist and an entertainer. Some acts have the ability to play both roles, but more often than not they’re either one or the other.

Which brings us to The Dan Band.


Frontman Dan Finnerty certainly never aspired to turn The Dan Band into a paradigm-shifting musical revolution worthy of unyielding critical praise, so he can be forgiven for not taking pop music to the next level. But when it comes to squeezing as much life from a drunken night of karaoke, Finnerty seems to have written the book.

Rumor has it that The Dan Band killed the crowds at SXSW. Add to this numerous sold-out gigs, appearances in Old School and Starsky and Hutch, and an upcoming Bravo special that’s executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, and it’s safe to say that The Dan Band’s 15 minutes are ticking fast.

Obviously aimed primarily at those who have enjoyed a memorable evening with Finnerty and his on-stage brood, The Dan Band’s new live CD showcases a variety of medleys performed with Finnerty’s unique flare and occasional lyrical modifications. While it’s difficult to judge a CD such as this without the benefit of experiencing the real thing, first-timers will no doubt take away a few gems from the CD.

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” is magnificent in all its melodrama, while Finnerty’s ABBA medley kicks into high gear as it transitions into a ska-fueled rendition of “Fernando.” Eryka Badu’s “Tyrone” gives way to “Nadia’s Theme,” which turns out to actually be Mary J Blige’s “No More Drama” (and here I thought he was going to do something interesting with The Young and the Restless).

Unless you’re looking for a keepsake or evergreen reminder of what, by most firsthand accounts, is a fun evening, then you’re likely to derive little value from The Dan Band Live. If it’s kitschy covers you’re after, just about any disc from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes will do the trick.


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