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Kaffeine Buzz Presents: Daedelus at Summit Music Hall

Boredom and a disdain for the status quo is often the child of invention. Embracing the moniker of Daedelus, the cunning worker in Greek Mythology (spelled with a variance), Alfred Darlington has veered far left into the bush whilst many others in the world of making electronic music are following the tired, and yes boring, worn path. This creative experimentalist arrives in Denver Saturday, May 12, where Daedelus will perform his magic for the fans at the Summit Music Hall, along with TOKiMONSTA and Thriftworks.

Going back to the topic of invention, beyond using it as the title of his debut 2002 album (Plug Research), Daedelus was one of the first to bring the Monome into his performances and songwriting toolbox, creating unconventional spaces and sounds within the realm of dance music. “It’s a Non-traditional electronic instrument,” Daedelus explains. “Basically it allows for massive improvisation.”

Weaving his personal style of high art and vintage tailoring, 2011’s Bespoke album (Ninja Tune) celebrates the world of dress with immense musical detailing and craftsmanship. “Penny Loafers” saunters with soothing female vocals in the center, with accompanying background choruses that banter between the opening of Star Trek and the boogie-woogie U.S.O. circa 1945, all to a Brazilian beach beat.

When it comes to “French Cuffs,” the term cacophony bellows out. Tapping into his drum ‘n bass roots, which was a part of his original entry into DJing, Daedelus sews French film noir and “Twilight Zone” celluloid into the lining of a velvet top coat, belting it with power cords.

One of the bounciest tracks, “Tailor-Made,” deserves a quick spin first thing in the A.M. as a great way to start the day, accompanying a mix of Ian Pooley, T.E.E.D. and strong coffee.

Daedelus will indeed be a show will promise to be a unique and engaging experience, sans the glowsticks and bottle service, where the emphasis is placed on creativity and ingenuity in music versus dilated pupils and cheesy pick up lines. And you don’t need to dress to impress. Daedelus has that covered.


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