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You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts (Disc Three)

You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts (Disc Three)
Ninja Tune

Aside from the mysterious missing track, and out-of-order songlisting on Disc Three of the Ninja Tune compilation You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts, this disc was pleasing from the start. Lucky for me, I knew what Coldcut’s “Atomic Moog” sounded like from their previous 97’ release, Let Us Play, and I could detect that DJ Kentaro’s “Enter the Newground” was not the first track.

Now where Kentaro’s “EtN” is on this is a mystery to me, but the Coldcut track “Atomic Moog” remixed by The Qemists tore it up from the start with an awesome breakbeat representation of an already fantastic track.


Other strong points on the decidedly more mellow affair offered on this disc are the contributions from heavyweight turntable maestros RJD2 “True Confessions,” and Kid Koala’s sick “Slew Test 2.” DJ Kentaro’s “Free” remixed by Amani XXX Change featuring MC Spank Rock and “Fear the Labour” by One Self are notable as much as they are fun.

The remainder of You Don’t Know is mostly down-tempo highlighted by Blockhead’s “Sunday Séance,” the blissful Jaga track “Swedenborgske Rom,” and the melodramatic “The Art of Kissing” by the Los Angeles duo The Long Lost.

For some trippiness check out track 14 by Fog and its aptly titled neuron-twister “Melted Crayons,” and whoever song 10 is by—The Cinematic Orchestra? (according to the press release) with “Breathe” remixed by Susumu Yokota.

Overall though, disc three offers more introspective work as it does its diversity. Aside from the confusing track order compared to the artists’ material, it’s well worth the long-winded listen.


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