KBuzz Video of the Day: Outside Lands 2011 Lineup Video (plus do’s & don’ts)

Outside Lands Line Up Video - KBuzz Video of the Day

 If you don’t count Phish or John Old-Fogy-Fogherty, today’s Outside Lands 2011 lineup announcement has some damn good acts on the bill; albeit the acts listed in the slightly smaller font size on said bill. The festival takes place each year at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in August; 2011 dates are August 12 – […]

Muse – Haarp

Muse – HAARP (DVD) Within a few moments of the new live DVD “Haarp” by Muse, I was reminded of why they should have won the best live act at the Brit Awards this last year (I believe Take That won…whatever). Of the many, many shows I was able to attend last year, Muse at […]

Muse – Black Holes & Revelations

Muse‘s new album gets straight to the effin’ point. Allow me to do the same: the first four tracks are the four best tracks on the album. Am I the only one who didn’t really get into the Muse craze before? For whatever reason, Absolution and its predecessors just didn’t quite do it for me. […]