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The Crown – Crowned Unholy (CD/DVD)

The swan song to a 14-year musical journey, Crowned Unholy is a fitting exclamation point to the collective career of the most rock-n-roll of the death metal elite, Sweden’s The Crown. The album is a re-worked and re-mastered version of the band’s 2002 release, Crowned in Terror, with newly recorded vocals and bass parts and added synthesizer.


“House of Hades,” the new intro, comes off more Rammstein than the techno on the original release. But that’s neither here nor there when the “Crowned in Terror”s wall of black metal riffage kicks in before bounding into some serious (100 mph) groove with returning vocalist Johan Lindstrand’s raspy howl at the forefront. The heavy groove is evident throughout the disc. “Drugged Unholy,” “World Below,” and “Death is the Hunter” are brutal and just dripping with Jack Daniels rock-n-roll.

The closing combo of “Satanist” and “Death Metal Holocaust” simply pummel . . . The Crown will be missed.

The DVD is of a complete live show off their last tour in Germany. It’s a sweaty, dirty packed club show that looks and sounds great. In depth liner notes and new art work round out this complete package.


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