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Cataract – With Triumph Comes Loss

From the bland, by-the-book metalcore riffage, to the worn song titles “Killing Tool,” “Skies Grow Black,” “Fuel,” and “Reborn from Fire,” these Swiss students of American hardcore need to find their own identity. There’s no variety in Federico Carminitana’s vocal delivery for the duration of this 40- minute disc. Sure, he’s brutal and convincing, it’s just that all the songs bleed together. “Vanished in the Dark,” with its repetitive vocal line of “chains we have to wear” comes off seriously cheesy.


The disc ends strong. “Hallow Horns” is a rocker, and the closing title track is a slow burner that’s thick, heavy, and plodding with a good use of samples…as much thought should have been used on the other nine tracks. This CD leaves me feeling neutral.


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