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The Heavils – Heavilution?

The Heavils are a strange entity, with their homemade guitars, dubbed “meanies” (check them out at, and their Clutch infused heavy fuzz, random sense of humor, and just all around quirkiness. Their second album, Heavilution, was masterfully produced by Hevy Devy and Strapping Young Lads’ Devin Townsend, who also provided additional vocals and random noise.


These boys bounce around quite a bit, from the balls-out, power rock opening combo, “Outside the Circle” and “Get Behind Me,” to their own theme song, “Heavilution.” They break out a just plain killer version of Cheap Trick’s “Just Got Back” that features the man himself, Rick Nielson, on guitar (Rick’s son, Miles, handles the vocals). “Space Heater” sounds like a possible Bad Religion parody, and “Kadigimonk,” the 18-minute plus set closer, seems like an experiment in space travel.

Passing judgment on this band based on their insipid song titles like “Chicken Soup Can,” “Laundry Day,” and “Floaters,” would be a mistake because these guys are unique (or at least they’re trying to be), and they fucking rock!

Arlo White, June 3, 2004


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