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Gwen Stefani – Love.Music.Angel.Baby

Gwen Stefani

You’ve heard much of this album already. Why it just arrived for our review is a bit perplexing; but it is an interesting twist that proves the value of this record. Despite its release some several months ago, it is still packed with hits, many of which still haven’t seen their stint begin on the charts.

Launching with “What You Waiting For,” Gwen stomps all over other divas, which I would assume to be Britney or Christina, or both… Or, perhaps a parodied response to her own solo career: “Take a chance you stupid ho…You got your million dollar contract, and now we’re waiting for your hot track.” This is set to a chorus that is universally regarded as a borrowing form Weezer’s Hash Pipe; but it is Weezer who first did the borrowing. What is killing me is that, at a day past press time, I still cannot recall who originally ‘coined’ the riff.

Gwen stomps on with “Rich Girl,” another familiar track to anyone with a pulse. But the unheard All-Star Jams kick off from here, beginning with “Hollaback Girl,” produced in classic simplicity by the Neptunes, persisting through to “Long Way to Go,” featuring Andre 3000, and successfully taking on the risky task of invoking the phrasing of The (Reverend Doctor Martin Luther) King.

One particularly notable stop along the way is Luxurious, sampling “Between the Sheets” by the Isley Brothers, the same way Biggie did on “Big Papa.”

Gwen proves through a spectrum of styles that she adores the 80’s, the disco, and the genius of music, the networking, and the style. No doubt, No Doubt will continue to do what they do; but I certainly hope this isn’t the last solo offering from the current reigning queen of divas.


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