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Feist – The Reminder

According to iTunes, Feist’s new album, The Reminder falls under the genre of Electronica/Dance. I can safely say, however, that it is definitely not either of those things. I would also like to meet the person that earns an annual iTunes salary by applying genres to new albums, because I think they need a refresher course in what, precisely, Electronica sounds like.


In any case, Feist’s follow up to 2006’s Let it Die is another unruffled, piano-and-guitar-laden disc that puts its focus on her ability to be gentle at times, forceful at others.

Perhaps the most standout track is “Sea Lion Woman,” a track that is neither overtly complex nor simple, but showcases Feist’s strong ability to sing with‘50s nostalgia, updated into a modern hymnal rock song. On “My Moon My Man,” Feist offers a slick combination of feathery vocals with beat-savvy baritone piano, creating a song that doesn’t have classification, but sounds brilliant. (This could be why our buddy over at iTunes chose what he did; perhaps in all his frustration of trying to find an appropriate genre, he just chose one to get it over with).

While there is a progression from the overtly poppy tunes found on Let it Die (i.e., “Mushaboom”), don’t expect any grand deviations from the overall Feist sound. However, do expect another great album from a musically intuitive artist.


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