N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds

Hip-hop mastermind producers Neptunes’ derivative project N.E.R.D have taken four years to release their third album. That’s a lot of downtime, and Seeing Sounds certainly shows some of the pay-off; but only some. The latest drop starts out interesting with “Time For Some Action,” introduced by a rambling monologue about riding bikes during the 80’s […]

SXSW Music Festival Day Two – March 13, 2008 – Austin, TX – Jef Hoskins (photos: Jef Hoskins)


Today is starting off slow and low in the SXSW Day Stage at Austin Convention Center. Thanks to Center-wide free Wi-Fi and a constant flow of live music, this is the perfect place to re-cap the 17 bands I saw yesterday, sort through photos, and still not feel like I’m missing out on the action. […]