Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves

Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves

London-based Gallows are about the most exhilarating thing happening to punk and rock at the moment; and Americans, they are infiltrating. References to Gallows are becoming common enough in U.S.-based publications that people often have an “I’ve heard that name, but I don’t know why” reaction. It’s time to embrace Gallows as more than just […]

Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels

Atmosphere - Seven's Travels

After what I guess to be many conference calls, lunches, dinners, appearances at shows, flowing Krystal and Scotch, the trio in Atmosphere – Slug (songwriter/MC), Ant (producer), and DJ Mr. Dibbs – and Rhymesayers Entertainment passed on the major label offers and instead stayed true to their D.I.Y. spirit, signing with independent punk label Epitaph. […]

Death By Stereo – Death for Life

In September 2003 Death by Stereo endured the most tumultuous event a band could fathom. During a show at the Solar Haus in Blacksburg, Virginia, Daniel Martin plunged two stories to his death, sending the band into a period of mourning and confusion. To darken the already black times, the band learned that they had […]