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Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory

Quite simply, this album is a collection of anthems to soundtrack the days of high school and the two years after. Unfortunately, if you’re any older this one will most likely just pass ya by due to the definitive generation gap within this record’s twelve tracks.

The record titled Commit This to Memory is the second edition to Motion City Soundtrack’s discography. Their freshman release was warmly received (selling 80,000 copies) after relentless touring and a coveted spot on Blink 182’s tour in mid 2004, becoming friends with bassist Mark Hoppus.


Hoppus, who was thinking about doing some producer work after Blink’s tour, was asked to produce Motion City Soundtrack’s latest and answered with a warm “F%*$ yeah.” The celebrity status of this now defunct punk band has been used relentlessly in promoting this record. However, if you’re looking for an extension of Blink’s angst in Motion City you’ll definitely be disappointed.

Commit This to Memory is an extremely melodic album that uses piano keys and high note guitar riffs, following pop punk’s general formula, but it features ambiguous high notes that are rarely used in the aforementioned world. Another obscurity is the lyrics, which often require a handy dictionary to absorb, another brave action to their credit.

Motion Cities’ Cali-pop punk is far enough away from their peers to deserve a round of cheers, but if you’re not of school age it may be difficult to connect to.


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