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Various Artists – Punk-O-Rama 10 – Epitaph Records

Punk-O-Rama 10

The other day I was looking through my beat up sun scorched CD case and I couldn’t believe how many Punk-O-Rama CD’s I had within my obscure collection. It was disturbing because it had been years since I listened to a single one of them. They had simply acted as the CD of the week before being tucked in to my library of others that had followed the same fait.

The newest Punk-O-Rama v. 10 will probably follow in its predecessors foot steps, but nevertheless, is the best I’ve heard in a long while.

The record begins with Motion City Soundtrack, which should never be confused with Punk or Rama, but I digress. The real punk follows track one with Matchbook Romance, Bad Religion, and From First To Last.

The Bad Religion song “News From The Front” is worth any hardcore fan’s attention, especially because it’s the first time it’s been released in the US. Other impressive punk songs came from the Offspring, Millencolin, Dropkick Murphy’s, Rancid, and Tiger Army. Offspring’s offering “Mission From God” is a surprisingly unreleased along with Rancid, so once again hardcore fans will definitely gravitate to this decade old mix tape.

Nevertheless, there was a track I have to speak out about in a negative way. Sage Francis’s “Sun vs. Moon” sounds exactly like an ICP song. Enough said.

In any case, those who consistently buy the Punk-O-Rama compilations won’t be horribly disappointed in this one’s offering. However, if you consider yourself a hardcore punker who’s horribly sick of pop: stay far away. Otherwise, this one will end up cluttering up your CD case like so many other Punk-O-Rama discs have ended up cluttering mine.


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