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KBuzz Video of the Day – Frank Turner – The Road

Frank Turner - The Road

Frank Turner’s “The Road” video takes you on his 24-hour party people adventure, as he travels from houses to other venues throughout various cities, singing his song. He opens with a personal introduction and a peek into what’s ahead, “Alright, this is Frank Turner. It’s 8 o’clock in the evening. We’re about to film 24 shows in 24 hours. Let’s go!”

And he’s off, starting this feat on a rooftop with his smiling face and guitar, singing with an indicative twist “…my time is running out.” This feel-good ditty is a perfect complement to the theme of the video itself: not being able to stay in one place for too long and being committed to traveling the road to preserve his freedom. From place to place, we see he pops into Sam’s house in East Finchley, Gem’s house, Ash’s house, and all along the way you can’t help but feel inclined to have a impromptu house party yourself.

At about 2:26 into the video when he seems to say, “I’m so tired.” Thankfully he does make it to the end of journey.

A very fun ride indeed, but we were unable to actually embed the video here because of the restrictions WMG has put on the video (akin to the OK Go “WhoseTube?” scenario), so here is “The Road” video link.

BUT as timing would have it, on April 1 the first 2011 Short Stories film was released featuring Frank Turner. The film series is a competition platform for up and coming filmmakers. James Henry is the man behind the camera making the short film, “The Road,” which captures Frank’s thoughts about music, the struggles he’s experienced as a performer and the need for a “Titanic degree of self belief” to relentlessly tour and craft songs. 

Frank Turner has a new album due out in June called England Keep My Bones and a full tour schedule starting in April going through the summer. He’s release the first single, “I Am Disappeared,” which you can download from the NME website.


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