Radio 4 – Do Yourself Justice Already

Greg Collins – Drums/PercussionAnthony Roman – Vocals/Bass/KeyboardsTommy Williams – Vocals/GuitarGerard Garone – KeyboardsP.J. O’Connor – Percussion Two years ago the New York based band Radio 4 had just released Gotham! that included the single, “Save Your City.” The song, drenched in waves of post punk and small club dance nights, was taken as an ode […]

West Indian Girl – West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl

Hold my hand and we’ll walk down the dusty trail, through an old Midwestern town that still sports an old fashioned Coke vending machine, complete with the small bottles of dark liquid happiness on a hot day. Then we’ll hop back in the big Impala convertible and head for the California shore, driving all night […]

Phoenix – Alphabetical

French natives Phoenix draw from many different influences on their latest album, Alphabetical. This record is truly a journey, and by the time it’s almost over, you feel as though you’ve landed on another record; one that’s almost completely different from the sound that started off the trip. What this album did was put me […]

Beta Band – Heroes to Zeros

When it comes to picking running music, one has to be very selective. At least in my case, it has to be something that will distract me from the fact that I’m breathing louder than factory whistle at lunchtime. It has to be inspiring, invigorating, and complete distracting me from what I’m putting my body […]

The Concretes – The Concretes

There must be something in the water. While the “Swedish Invasion” actually took place more than three years ago, the music from a country already notorious for its beautiful people continues to produce more and more rock darlings. The Hives and Sahara Hotnights were just a taste of what was to really come. The latest […]

Various Artists (Ben Watt) – Buzzin’ Flye Volume One – Astralwerks

Ben Watt - Buzz Fly Volume One

This being the next incarnation of musical expression from Ben Watt (Everything but the Girl, Lazy Dog), the mix is filled with deep soulful house just in time for summer. Tunes from all over the globe come together for a ride that will make you smile, with the warmth you feel right after you get […]

Air – Talkie Walkie

Every so often an album comes along that actually burns an image within your life that can never be erased. One that reminds you of an entire time period. One that may only be best described through the soundscapes in which it creates. This, much like the majority of Air’s phenomenal releases, is without a […]

Sleepy Jackson

If I had one word to describe The Sleepy Jackson, it would be “catchy!” Fortunately, the good people at Kaffeine Buzz allow me a little more leeway than just one word. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, the band is in the middle of their American tour. Lovers, Sleepy Jackson’s first album has recently hit the shelves, […]