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Various Artists (Ben Watt) – Buzzin’ Flye Volume One – Astralwerks

Ben Watt - Buzz Fly Volume One

This being the next incarnation of musical expression from Ben Watt (Everything but the Girl, Lazy Dog), the mix is filled with deep soulful house just in time for summer. Tunes from all over the globe come together for a ride that will make you smile, with the warmth you feel right after you get off the phone with your baby.

The vibe is a culmination of years of providing beautiful soul-crafted sounds that are unique to Watt’s artistic character, supported by a stand out cast of artists such as Sananda Maitreya (otherwise known as Terrance Trent D’Arby before he changed his name), Charles Webster, Rodamaal and Deep House Soldiers. The tunes are open, sexy, and will move you with a lunar essence you’ll feel in your thoughts, emotions and feet.

From start to finish the mix chugs along with strength and passion, creating an atmosphere that’s fresh with some new artists (Paris’ Martin Solveig, Lyon’s Manoo, Denver’s Deep House Souldiers, and Frankfurt’s Needs) and showcasing some classic fare that continues to bring joy even today. For the deep house heads this is a homerun, if you are new to the sound or just getting familiarized with ‘electronic’ music as a whole you could do much worse, and be hard pressed to find a more moving mix session to pop in the player and cruse to on these warm sultry evenings….


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