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West Indian Girl – West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl

Hold my hand and we’ll walk down the dusty trail, through an old Midwestern town that still sports an old fashioned Coke vending machine, complete with the small bottles of dark liquid happiness on a hot day. Then we’ll hop back in the big Impala convertible and head for the California shore, driving all night through the cool summer air. We can breathe, finally.

And that’s just the first track, “Trip.”

Further down the road you’re hit with both hot and cold textures, the warm acoustic guitars and leafy green vocals covered with icicle fresh layers of moody blues that beckon back to Pink Floyd choruses. The wash ashore light reflects subtle hints of Jane’s Addiction, but with that easy loving dance of early Brit-Pop ala Primal Scream.

The duo Robert James and Francis Ten excel at folding flecks of horn, organic instruments and even harmonica over choruses of girls singing with flowers in their hair. This release is warm, fuzzy, and makes me write mushy descriptions like, “feeling good all over.” Curse them for making me smile and crave cookies and milk when I’m so tired and cranky.


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