Breton – War Room Stories

“Two years is not so long ago…” With the release of their debut, Other People’s Problems in 2012, South London’s Breton left the depths of their BretonLab with musical art pieces in hand and mind and made their way into the touring fray, which included international junkets and SXSW. Two years later in 2014, Breton […]

Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

After winning Virgin Mobile’s Road to V battle of the bands competition in 2006, Bombay Bicycle Club released three full-length albums from 2009-2011.  They powered through the flavor-of-the-month status heaped upon them by the British press, and made it through the roller coaster ride that typically follows overnight style success, a ride that usually kills […]

Warpaint – Warpaint – SXSW 2014

Warpaint, the all-woman indie-rock quartet from Los Angeles are back with their self-titled sophomore effort. Produced by the Flood (U2, Foals), with additional help on a few tunes by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead), Warpaint sees the band picking up essentially where the debut album, 2010’s The Fool, leaves off.  By adding Aussie percussionist Stella Mozgawa shortly […]

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Daydream Forever – SXSW 2014

Kamtin Mohager is the creative brainchild behind The Chain Gang of 1974.  Born in California, Mohager called Hawaii, then Denver, home during his formative years and was the touring bassist for 3OH3! from 2007-2010 before deciding to put all of his energy into his Chain Gang project. Following the success, and critical acclaim of the […]

POW! – Hi-Tech Boom

The word “fuzz” gets tossed around quite a bit these days in regards to many punk inspired indie rock bands that cross the blurred lines in the sub-genre wasteland of the underground. This adjective couldn’t be more apt to use when describing the debut album from the Bay Area’s punk trio POW! Filled with short […]

Maximo Park – Too Much Information

Newcastle’s angular pop quintet, Maximo Park, return with their new album, Too Much Information, the first since 2012’s critically acclaimed The National Health. Completely recorded in their hometown of Newcastle, as well as nearby Sunderland, the band has definitely pushed their sound into new territories, holding nothing back in the way of experimentation and lyrics […]

The Tracy Boys – Marylebone | Gregory Peck

The Tracy Boys aim is to change the face of the music community in Bath, England. If the duo’s latest single, “Marylebone” is any indication, they’re more than equipped to leave their mark. The track, which is accompanied by the animated video, is art candy for the senses. It’s a romantic futuristic tale that bounces […]

Hundred Waters – Hundred Waters – OWSLA

It’s natural for one of our senses to trigger another, to hear music and instantly have visuals appear within our mind. Sometimes it’s the scene in some imagined film playing out to the notes going through our ears. In the case of Hundred Waters, it’s wild laser light patterns and kaleidoscope colors floating, changing and […]