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The Tracy Boys – Marylebone | Gregory Peck

The Tracy Boys aim is to change the face of the music community in Bath, England. If the duo’s latest single, “Marylebone” is any indication, they’re more than equipped to leave their mark. The track, which is accompanied by the animated video, is art candy for the senses. It’s a romantic futuristic tale that bounces both with delight, a few tears, and of course, some London rain.

Then there’s “Gregory Peck,” a saucy, crooning tune that mixes a frothy sea-side cocktail in a shaker, 50’s style; what one would call the ‘B’ side to “Marylebone.” I was delighted to be given an opportunity to debut the single on Hoxton Radio, being one of the first to get this The Tracy Boys sound out to the public.

“The ‘B’ side, in the traditional vinyl sense. We use the term mainly for Quentin’s benefit – as his musical awareness doesn’t really extend beyond his mother’s collection of Nat King Cole 45s.”

In addition to the modern comic novel in action is guest actor, Quentin Locke, who is described as “…a bit of an old codger, but is delighted with any opportunity to engage with ‘young people’.” The special effects, straight from the Hollywood via Bath studios enabled Quentin to be digitally duplicated for the video, which also stars London’s infamous Underground system, where many an Oyster card romances have bloomed.

Listen to the debut of “Marylebone” on the Kaffeine Buzz Show on Hoxton Radio

Taking a peek behind Oz’s curtain, Jon Tracy is on keyboards and vocals, handling music production, illustration and animation, while Mik is on guitar, bass, songwriting, art direction and creative management.

“The reason for specific characters is to make the music and art more accessible, and to get to a broader audience,” states the Boys. “But inevitably, such characters take on a life of their own, with unpredictable results. Victor Frankenstein had similar such issues to deal with…”

I for one feel that the penchant to continuously invent sub genres, typically the sin of journalists such as moi, tends to be tedious and ridiculous. Indietronica? Brostep? Really?

Contrary to that opinion, the unique aural and visual joy ride that The Tracy Boys craft is best described by their own intellipopart invention. It is the true convergence of a hook-laden pop song that tells a tale one sees through the animated mini short film before our eyes. As lovely as the animation is and the accompanying artwork, it is icing on the cake for “Marylebone.” I can’t wait to see what other jewels emerge from The Tracy Boys and adventures of Quentin, as he forges through the byways of the 21st Century.

The single is available on iTunes, which includes the ‘B’ side “Gregory Peck:

The video is available on iTunes as well:


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