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The Hood Internet – FEAT – Decon Records

It was 2007 when Aaron Brink (ABX) and Steve Reidell (STV SLV), the Chicago duo known as The Hood Internet, began sharing their remix works with the world, uploading to their blog mashups and their “Mixtape, Vol. 1” for all the world to hear. Five years later, with many a fan clamoring for an album from the guys, The Hood Internet has delivered FEAT on Decon Records, a collection of songs that are as rich and diverse as their amassed music collection that laid the foundation for this moment.

FEAT takes the term collaboration to a whole new level, bringing in over 20 vocalists and songwriters to contribute, many of which are on their own perspective record labels. And as contracts go, whatever clearance nightmare the two (and the peeps from Decon) endured during this process, it was well worth it for us listeners.

One of the first sneak peeks appeared with “One For The Record Books,” featuring AC Newman, a soloist known for work that provides lovely backdrops to forest treks, as he provides gorgeous tones to a drum and bass beat, and Sims, part of the Doomtree collective and a hip-hop soloist himself, brings some truth to the table.

“Uzi Water Gun” is designed for a drive down the Long Beach Freeway, as Millionyoung, Kam of The Chain Gang of 1974 and Kenan Bell battle for the wheel. Flying to the other side of the world, “Exonerated,” featuring Zambri, Hooray For Earth and Junior Parade, floats over green Iceland lands, twirling echoing vocals with subtle tweaks and bleeps.

Moods traverse from grace to grit and back again on “Critical Captions,” a juxtaposition of Class Actress asking “Does anybody out there feel like I do?” and Cadence Weapon, who grabs the mic to contemplate the state of “a world that’s consumed by sinister actions of a few sinister factions.”

Again, the diversity is the key here and a tribute to Aaron and Steve’s ability to bring hip-hop, indie, rock, jazz, and dance to coagulate in a natural and seamless formation.

The Hood Internet has been on tour in the U.S. with Body Language, with the van pulling into Denver on Friday, October 12 to play at the intimate venue, the Walnut Room (and also one of the better sound systems in Denver).

While Body Language has received many accolades for their releases, including the band’s recent E.P. Grammar, they’ve gotten the most buzz for their live performances, so get there early.

Track Listing:
1. Critical Captions (ft Class Actress, Cadence Weapon)
2. One For The Record Books (ft AC Newman, Sims)
3. More Fun (ft Psalm One, TOBAXXO)
4. Nothing Should Be A Surprise (ft Isaiah Toothtaker, Show You Suck)
5. Exonerated (ft Zambri, Hooray For Earth, Junior Pande)
6. Won’t Fuck Us Over (ft BBU, Annie Hart)
7. Do You Give Up Now_ (ft Donwill, My Gold Mask, Junior Pande)
8. Our Finest China (ft The Rosebuds, Astronautalis)
9. Uzi Water Gun (ft Millionyoung, Kenan Bell, The Chain Gang Of 1974)
10. These Things Are Nice (ft Kid Static, Slow Witch, Kleenex Girl Wonder)

Tour Dates:
10/12 Denver, CO – Walnut Room ^
10/20 Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry §
10/27 New Orleans, LA – The Maison $

^ w/ Body Language, Kid Static, Oscillator Bug
§ w/ Koo Koo Kangaroo, Lasers & Fast & Shit, Oscillator Bug
$ w/ Mannie Fresh, Nicky Da B


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