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Hundred Waters – Hundred Waters – OWSLA

It’s natural for one of our senses to trigger another, to hear music and instantly have visuals appear within our mind. Sometimes it’s the scene in some imagined film playing out to the notes going through our ears. In the case of Hundred Waters, it’s wild laser light patterns and kaleidoscope colors floating, changing and moving to the sounds that dance, swirl and delight; sounds that are capable of turning a grungy rock club into a musical wonderland, which the band will do Monday, October 8 at Larimer Lounge with Exitmusic and South of France.

In August Hundred Waters released their debut E.P., Thistle, which included remixes of the single by Troublemaker, who has been a frequent visitor to Denver, along with Different Sleep, TOKiMONSTA, Star Slinger, AraabMusik, and Lockah. The group’s self-titled debut has been released on OWSLA (Skrillex’s label), with the physical version coming out October 16.

Hundred Waters’ heavenly powers arise in large part due to the vocal talent and crystal sharp harmonies from Samantha Moss (vocals, percussion), Nicole Miglis, and Zach Tetreault (drums), each of them cascading their chords with artistic levity while using them as much for singing as another instrument in the mix and harmonizing in unison to the keyboard melodies.

Whether on purpose or unconsciously, the electronic touches from Trayer Tryon and Paul Giese create within each song are aquatic in nature, bleeps and tweeps that add icing to the Florida band’s musical persona, creating both intrigue and a welcoming calm.

See Hundred Waters performing “Boreal” from the new album on Consequence of Sound’s “Off the Avenue” live series:

Then there are times when it’s just Nicole, a few notes of the guitar and piano that leads down to a path of added harmonies and a cello, simple and sweet but no less captivating and intriguing.

It was cool to see Skrillex pulling Hundred Waters onto his Full Flex Express Tour with Diplo, Pretty Lights and Grimes, a lineup that’s targeted mainly towards the dance and glowstick crowd, because for most of us, our music collection is highly varied and doesn’t lie within one genre. To have that emulated in a live show experience is welcomed. And hopefully for those that attended the tour that tend to fixate on just one thing, the presence of Hundred Waters expanded their horizons a bit.

Aside from that escapade, the band has been out on its own hitting towns across the country for the past two months and stays on the road in the states through the beginning of November, taking a little more than a week off before they head out for Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Shacklewell Arms in London on November 27, and then a festival date in Peru in January where they get to reunite with their Full Flex Express Tour buds.


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