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The Chain Gang of 1974 – Daydream Forever – SXSW 2014

Kamtin Mohager is the creative brainchild behind The Chain Gang of 1974.  Born in California, Mohager called Hawaii, then Denver, home during his formative years and was the touring bassist for 3OH3! from 2007-2010 before deciding to put all of his energy into his Chain Gang project. Following the success, and critical acclaim of the debut White Guts, and the follow up Wayward Fire, Mohager returns with his third full-length album, Daydream Forever.

During the writing stages of the Daydream record Mohager was forced to analyze his own mortality with a completely new perspective after witnessing the death of a cyclist while driving in Malibu, California.  This became the inspiration for the track, “You,” the song is an imagining of sorts; Mohager thought about his own parents and imagined the cyclist, as a hero to his family, and how they had lost this important figure in their life after this tragic accident. Feeling that he had perhaps lived his own life perhaps a bit too recklessly, it also drove him to live a healthier lifestyle and approach his life and projects with a more appreciative and grateful attitude.

The album’s enthrallingly dreamy first single, “Sleepwalking,” which is featured on the television commercial for Grand Theft Auto V, quickly became the most downloaded song from the most successful game of all time, and has already eclipsed 30K+ downloads!

Mohager’s physical California coast surroundings, which provide for many hours at sea with his companion surfboard, have seeped their way into the practice space and recording studio, from “Miko,” the soundtrack to a drive up PCH at sunset, to the swirl and sway of “Plum,” perfect for lazy, dog day afternoons, filled with those blissful daydreams.

Daydream Forever was produced by Isom Innis (Foster the People), with additional production and mixing from Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix), and feels like a perfect marriage between forward thinking mature electronic music foundation and classic 80’s synth pop.    Re-appropriating the 80’s new wave synth sound, and proudly citing bands like Tears for Fears and Talk Talk as major influences, Mohager continues in the direction of Wayward Fire by enthusiastically injecting hints of those influential forbearers without compromising his own distinct style, and sound.

The Chain Gang of 1974 recently released new tour dates, including a return to Colorado and SXSW 2014 gigs.



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