Junkie XL – Living for Today

No matter how many occasions we have with good timing, it always seems to stir up a sense of pleasant surprise. This happened with Junkie XL album, Today, which I had brought it with me on my trip to Los Angeles. I had thrown it in my bag along with a few other CDs, which […]

Otep – The Ascension

Before dismissing Otep as just another band that’s caught in the tentacles of the dysfunctional nu-metal post goth/metal family—an analysis is of the utmost importance. Consider the following (Otep has): raspy female-fronted vocals in artsy poetic verse, an emphasis on driven bass-fronted metal, a firm idea of what having dynamics actually means and an ultra […]

Plane – I See Love In The Future


With a distinct influence from Legendary Pink Dots, New Order and later goth-industrial emotionalists, Plane dishes out tracks of ominous melancholy on their sophomore drop, I See Love In The Future. Guitars strum serenely on “Blood On The Waves,” and a drum machine paces gently. Gradually the track builds into a chugging train of intention, […]