PJ Harvey – White Chalk

I remember distinctly discovering PJ Harvey for the first time. I was about 13 years old, living in Barcelona, Spain with my family, and had had the realm of musical possibilities opened to me by my recent discovery of the Doors. I was in art class with my most favorite teacher of all time, Mr. […]

Mac Lethal – 11:11

Coming straight out of Kansas, USA is a crazy white boy making rap music. His name is Mac Lethal, and he’s the latest signee to the independent hip-hop litmus known as Rhymesayers. And boy does he ever fit the bill of angst ridden MC with a personal well of material to draw from; particularly when […]

Various Artists – Chaos Restored with Justin Martin

Dance addicts and late-night partiers—take notice and remember the name Justin Martin. This DJ/producer/remixer is really starting to make some noise as the”next-big-thing” and one of San Francisco’s best. Martin, a regular on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly London label and part of the “dirty bird” crew in SF, comes highly regarded as a unique European […]