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Various Artists – Chaos Restored with Justin Martin

Dance addicts and late-night partiers—take notice and remember the name Justin Martin.

This DJ/producer/remixer is really starting to make some noise as the”next-big-thing” and one of San Francisco’s best. Martin, a regular on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly London label and part of the “dirty bird” crew in SF, comes highly regarded as a unique European styled US producer doin’ the nasty.

On his debut compilation Chaos Restored, recorded in July 2007, Martin takes the listener on a pleasurable journey of funky tech house that remarkably builds in energy with each track. What Martin presents is music done in a subtle way, and through his smooth-as-glass mixing style he builds and layers until the sound becomes a pulsating funk fest of dance floor love.


Many of the fifteen tracks have this sexy, sensual vibe that scream the SF house style, while others are downright nasty and bathed by elements of German-like techno. From Martin’s own landmark tracks “Nightowl,” and “Ghetto Train,” to Robag Wruhme’s “Dopamin,” and Tanner Ross & Kilowatts “Kruger Fingers,” Martin finds the groove and massages it out into an instant party classic.

Too often many of us in the dance community are subjected to average and weighty mixes that are full of fluff, empty promises, and must suffer the consequences in fucking boredom and those lazily mixed selections that drag on-and-on. Martin doesn’t have that problem in the slightest, and Chaos Restored is a testament to that, with its varied tempos and styles that keep the sound and selections fresh.

Martin understands that ebb-and-flow is an art form and with dance music it is a necessity. It’s time to take notice, progress, and get off that damn novelty chain of superstar DJs that are sucking the green from our pockets. It’s time to start recognizing those DJ/producers like Martin that are making a difference while releasing quality product.


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