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Various Artists – Ocar G Live at Club Space Miami

Like an unwelcome guest, the sun tears into your bedroom. The very same bedroom that you, just a few hours ago, swore was impervious to the sun’s vicious and merciless attacks. The same life-giving orb in the sky that centuries of civilizations have worshiped appears to have turned all its might against you. As you begin to dress for what is sure to be the most difficult work day in recent memory, flashes of the event that caused this coma-inducing hangover start to creep in, followed by a flood of regret.

Enter Oscar G.


From the venerated and long lasting house music labels, Nervous Records, comes the latest mix disc by house legend Oscar G, mixed live from Club Space in Miami.

Unfortunately, from the moment I saw the disc packaging, I had some idea that I wouldn’t exactly enjoy this DJ set. I wish I was wrong about that one, but sometimes you can tell a book by it’s cover. Of course, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. In fact, there were several times during this set that I started to doubt my original prediction.

As track one, “Dancin’” by Bingo Cache slowly crept in I was pleasantly surprised; probably the best song on the mix by the way. I thought I had this one pegged and I wanted so badly to be wrong! Unfortunately, however, it was only a matter of time before Oscar G and my worst fear for this set collided in a hot, sweaty, drunken mess.

Immediately after that first good track, a cheesy sample ominously pours out of the speakers stating “We’re gonna build things up slowly. Are you with me? Here we go.” It may just be me but I find it really cheesy for some guy with a deep voice to tell me what’s going on and what I should feel. I would rather have the music tell me what to do. Directly after said commentary, the crowd began to “oot, oot,” an early warning of the distracting and annoying crowd noise that would be a prominent feature of this whole disc; another no-no in my DJ book.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some good parts, but just as a groove was established, or something that made me believe it would turn around, Oscar G found new and innovative ways to ruin the goodness. For instance, number six, “Agent Blue” by Guy J started out with several interesting, yet danceable elements that had me returning to the floor. However by the end of the song I was begging to get back off. I know Oscar G didn’t write the song, but playing it out is nearly as bad.

Look, here’s the bottom line: the disc had some high points, but they were well outweighed by the forgettable lows. The crowd noise, the deafening peaks of each song, the dance instructions bellowed throughout as well as the music that seemed to have been made for those with a short attention span all combined to create a set I don’t recommend. Unfortunately this type of set is a little better off stuck in a club. It’s the type of set that is more suited as the soundtrack to the drunken mistakes you barely remember from the night before, rather than as a listen for your enjoyment at home. Unfortunately, I was not at the club. Instead I was at home wishing I drank enough to forget this set. By the way, it comes with a bonus DVD to jog your memory, in case you forgot.

-Joshua Jones, December 4,


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