Botch – American Nervoso

Botch’s American Nervoso reminds us of the time when crossover hardcore metal wasn’t such a wimp fest of whiny choruses and watered down formulaic songwriting. For those that are sickened by the current metalcore fad and would rather learn about some controlled violence—read on. And to the others that disagree with my assertion—go piss off.

Seth Lakeman – Digital EPs

U.K. singer-songwriter Seth Lakeman is perfectly set up to become one of the latest, greatest singers to bust onto the American nouveau folk scene. Lakeman has already nabbed awards from BBC Radio as well as the attention of the big-wigs at Rolling Stone at this year’s SXSW. The Digital EPs are a pre-cursor to his […]

M.I.A. – Boyz

Boyz is a dose of M.I.A. as we’ve come to expect: an edgy and abrupt dance track with a wicked island flare and M.I.A.’s unmistakably tough and sexy voice. If this single was a just a single, that would suffice as a review. However, this disc comes with an entire extra encoding that boasts dozens […]

Telephone – Automatic

Eric Hedford, the original drummer for The Dandy Warhols, moved on to create a new band Telephone, debuting four years ago with the EP We are Telephone. He’s had several lineup changes during the production of their recently released, first full-length album, Automatic. Hedford may have left the Warhols ten years ago, but Telephone draws […]

Various Artists – Adventure Records Cuvee 4

Yes, you could spend your free time searching through MySpace profiles for local music (the kind you want to actually listen to). But we’re lazy Americans, so screw that. Labels like Adventure and Public Service do our community a great service by doing all the work for us, leading with their heart and love for […]