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Dalek – Deadverse Massive, Vol. 1: Dalek Rarities 1999-2006

MC Dälek, from the group Dälek, is hardcore. That doesn’t mean he’s into emo, or even that he punks it out and starts spitting at his audience and head-banging on stage. It simply means he’s more El-P than Guru; more Sage Francis than Common, though he does share an affinity of Spoken Word.


Over the years, Dälek and his partner, beat-master Oktopus, have made some great recordings and carved a substantial niche for themselves in an ever-changing market. To this they add the collection of instrumentals, remixes and scarcities that have been created over the last 7 years. Deadverse Massive, Volume 1: Dalek Rarities 1999-2006 is not just any “best of” collection, it is, as pointed out by their press materials, “an addendum to a body of work that already rests comfortably atop underground hip-hop’s proverbial heap.”

Industrial at its core, this is what might be the soundtrack to a reading of Charles Dickens on a Saturday night, Dälek and Oktopus command the listener’s attention with strong production and intense wordage; when words are actually used—as many of the tracks here are mere instrumentals. This can be heard on “Angst,” a previously unreleased song that pretty much embodies its titles definition, as well as “Desolate Peasants”—from the 12” Dälek vs. Velma, where the mood created is not unlike a migrant worker trudging through dry, desolate desert.

The previously unreleased track “Music For ASM” and the several cuts taken from the Streets All Amped 12” are pretty much what you would expect from what Pitchforkmedia has called “…one of modern hip-hop’s greatest crews…” strong, moving music and compelling vocals (often spewed, sometimes spoken more “delicately”—NOT!).

If you haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to the Dälek crew, this compilation will bring you up to speed nicely; I’ve already gone back to look up their back catalogue. If you already know them, this offers some previously unreleased material that will not disappoint.


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