Sasquatch Festival – The Gorge, Washington – Memorial Day Weekend 2006

Sasquatch Banana

Fickle weather, a revolving and delightful schmorgisborg of bands, $7 hamburgers and $8 beers: that’s what audiences encountered at this year’s Sasquatch Festival. This annual celebration of northwest music is not for the faint of heart, but infinitely worth the cost and the effort. Tickets for all three days went for a whopping $165. The […]

The Black Heart Procession – The Spell

If contemplating suicide, The Black Heart Procession is highly recommended. The collective, hailing from the unlikeliest of all places—San Diego, specializes in music that should be included within a funereal program. Feeling depressed? Going through a heart-wrenching breakup? Live in a cave of darkness? Like to feel dismal? BHP is the perfect companion for such […]

Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That

The hype swirling around this band has been incredible. From the continual advertising on my space to their film appearance in the upcoming Sophia Coppola movie, Marie Antoinette, the buzz has been on Phoenix. I admit it, I fell for it. I loved the band before even listening to their most recent release, It’s Never […]

VCR – Power Destiny

VCR – Power DestinySide One DummyRichmond, Virginia’s VCR comes out of the sophomore locker room with Power Destiny, an intensely quirky rock record made with keyboards in place of guitars – in fact, three of them. With varied influences such as Mozart, Depeche Mode, and original Nintendo music a la Castlevania, and insane live shows […]