KRS One – Life

KRS One has long been considered a legend. For some reason, however, he hasn’t been given status in the upper-echelon of greatest MC’s. This is particularly perplexing when one considers that he’s spit more versus than Tupac and Biggie combined. He’s got more albums out than anyone, with maybe the exception of LL and Too […]

Lansing-Dreiden – The Dividing Island

On the surface, Lansing-Dreiden seems like another group trying to re-create genre bending music with roots in the ‘60s and ‘80s while passing it off as sophisticated art-rock. While true, it doesn’t even explain the story of this mysterious New York based duo, Lansing-Dreiden, and why they are referred to as a multi-media company. According […]

Various Artists – David Waxman Presents: Ultra Electro

Various Artists – David Waxman Presents: Ultra ElectroUltra RecordsElectro seems to be taking the world by storm right now in the ever-changing dance community. Capitalizing on the popularity of today’s modern electro sound, Ultra Records releases Ultra Electro mixed by David Waxman. Ultra Records, known for its excellent mix series’ (Ultra Dance, Ultra Chilled, Ultra […]

I Am a Sex Addict (Caveh Zahedi)

I am a Sex Addict

I AM A SEX ADDICT (Caveh Zahedi) Caveh Zahedi’s (In the Bathtub of the World, I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore) autobiographical comedy I Am A Sex Addict unabashedly chronicles the relationships of his life in conjunction with his sex addiction. The story unfolds through satirical re-enactment, documentary footage, and camera address as 43 year-old […]

Snow Patrol – Embracing the Simple, Synchronistic Moments

Snow Patrol - Gary

I don’t often refer to a television show’s season finale when discussing a band’s sound, but in the case of the song “Chasing Cars” off Snow Patrol’s new album, Eyes Open, I’m making an exception. For Greys Anatomy fans, I don’t need to remind you how heartbreaking the closing scene was. For those who have […]