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Elefant – The Black Magic Show

If anyone gave himself vocal lessons by listening to old David Bowie, it has to be Argentine born Diego Garcia, who is known to have soaked up the ‘70s glam rock of Iggy Pop and MC5 when he was a wee lad.


For a band that released their first EP and full length just three years ago, the results of this sophomore album is quite impressive. Poppy melody, new wave licks and hints to those days of wine and rose colored glasses intertwine like a feathered boa constrictor into alternative rock formations.

While not mind blowing, The Black Magic Show performs well, with enough tips to the past without making mirrored, me-too music, while also picking up on more modern favorites such as the intentional or unintentionally hook of Postal Service on “Why.” For a spring fling soundtrack, this is a sure thing.


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