Ghost Buffalo – Ghost Buffalo

In my humble opinion, alt-country is becoming more popular, and deservedly so. Growing up in the South, yet not a redneck, I have a special and personal hatred of country music. When it’s not whiny and trite, it’s over the top patriotic; and sometimes it’s all of the above. In an attempt to be more […]

Swayzak – Rout De La Slack

Minimalism in electronic music is a mixed bag—either it’s highly compelling or it’s utterly boring. It must grip with tension swells, and not drip in dull monotony. Swayzak manages to tip toe the line and stay just interesting enough to keep from falling into the abyss of rousing monotony. The UK duo of James Taylor […]

Various Artists – Adventure Records Cuvee 3

As a Red state, Colorado is pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to funding the arts. That may turn around if Hickenlooper throws his Governor’s hat in the ring and makes the kind of dents in the system like he has in Denver, but in the meantime we thankfully have a crew […]

Various Artists – Renaissance Presents: Satoshi Tomiie 3D

Various Artists – Renaissance Presents: Satoshi Tomiie 3DRenaissance Musical inspirations can start from a very different space and lead down a path that goes around the world and back, completely transformed. Grooving to the dynamically sparkling funk track “Spirit Catcher” by Polysquasher from Satoshi Tomiie’s latest release, it’s interesting to imagine the house aficionado sitting […]