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Various Artists – Renaissance Presents: Satoshi Tomiie 3D

Various ArtistsRenaissance Presents: Satoshi Tomiie 3D

Musical inspirations can start from a very different space and lead down a path that goes around the world and back, completely transformed. Grooving to the dynamically sparkling funk track “Spirit Catcher” by Polysquasher from Satoshi Tomiie’s latest release, it’s interesting to imagine the house aficionado sitting at the piano as a child in Japan, practicing under his parent’s encouragement (and supervision, one would guess), and what kind of music was part of his 10 year repertoire.


For those that don’t know the story, piano transformed into hip-hop as Tomiie grew from a boy into a man, which then led to house music and DJing as his ears got a listen of what was being created in the states during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The break came when he was asked to produce a track for a launch party being held by a Japanese cosmetics company. It just so happened that Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of House from Chicago, was also DJing the party and the two have been working together ever since under New York’s Def Mix Productions collective.

Other collaborations have taken place over Toshiie’s career and he’s produced a number of remixes, including tracks for U2 and Michael Jackson to David Bowie and Madonna. His first full-length debut came, Full Lick, came about in 1999 under the Sony label, and productions and remixes of his work can also be found on his own SAW.Recordings label.

This Renaissance release, which hit the streets February 28, is a 3D version of Tomiie’s work. Disc One is series of live recordings from his Club sets; Disc Two dives into the Studio to spotlight his productions, including his infamous hit “Tears” but in a “3D Slightly 303 Version” way. Disc Three takes you Home, where he picks some if his favorite downtempo and chill tracks, including Sneaker Pimps’ “6 Underground” and a little James Brown “Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose.”

From disc to disc and track to track, Tomiie is a pro and weaving complex layers and sophisticated tones with the kind of funky jive that makes you want to smile and dance the night away in your platform shoes and afro wig. If you’re a lover of house music and you have yet to add Mr. Tomiie to your collection, this is a great way to start the party. If you’re already a fan, within the 30+ tracks there are many a gem that will please the heart and soul, complimenting what you may already have on your shelf or in your iPod.

Satoshi Tomiie is currently on tour and comes to Denver March 9, performing at The Church.


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