The Briefs – Steal Yer Heart

Three’s a(nother) charm for the band that taught Green Day how to dress. They may have formed in 2000, and have released half as many albums as the aforementioned ‘biggest rock band on Earth,’ but The Briefs have got the style down. With skinny ties and simplicity, stripes, and sunglasses that new wave could only […]

The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Thunder, Lightning, Strike could be a soundtrack for a cartoon featuring children who turn into old school hip-hop superheroes to battle evil. This debut album from The Go! Team is overwhelmingly move-your-feet-inducing, indeed I felt strange listening to it in front of my computer and not amidst a crowd illuminated by disco light. Nor is […]

Last Target – One Shot, One Kill

Tokyo casts another powerful jab of punk rock with One Shot, One Kill, the first LP from girl-fronted, hard stompin’, spit flingin’ street-punks, Last Target. The group has released a pair of splits (with One for All and The Boils, respectively); and if you follow Japanese punk, you’ll recognize singer, Ryoko from her previous group, […]

Thrice – Vheissu

With Vheissu, Thrice deliver the most definitive record of their career. The title was inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s classic underground novel from 1963 titled: “V.”, which is a loose collection of arcane myths and ideas. While explanations for the title aren’t entirely specific, the band alludes to the many crossroads and decisions they’re faced with […]

Three Dancing Slaves (Gael Morel)

Three Dancing Slaves

Three Dancing Slaves (Gaël Morel) Honestly, this movie was a bit painful at first. It started off so slow I debated if I could get through the entire 90 minutes. One of the main characters, Marc (Nicholas Cazalé), was an a-typical loser: good looking but with no job, hanging out with the wrong crowd, somehow […]