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The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Thunder, Lightning, Strike could be a soundtrack for a cartoon featuring children who turn into old school hip-hop superheroes to battle evil. This debut album from The Go! Team is overwhelmingly move-your-feet-inducing, indeed I felt strange listening to it in front of my computer and not amidst a crowd illuminated by disco light. Nor is it a typical dance album- need a track to merge Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel into Gang of Four or the A-team
theme? Thunder, Lightning, Strike is full of perfect choices.


While my cd collection is heavy with bands from the UK, nothing I own resembles the music put out by this London/Brighton 6-piece. My younger self would have scorned the mention of a song that used cheerleading chants, but giving it a listen, would surely have been won over- the album is that disarmingly upbeat. With song titles such as, “FeelGood By Numbers,” and ” The Power Is On,” and “We Just Won’t Be Defeated,” what else could you expect?

Trying to throw the best dance party ever? Inclusion of a The Go! Team song is now a requirement on your playlist.


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