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Last Target – One Shot, One Kill

Tokyo casts another powerful jab of punk rock with One Shot, One Kill, the first LP from girl-fronted, hard stompin’, spit flingin’ street-punks, Last Target.

The group has released a pair of splits (with One for All and The Boils, respectively); and if you follow Japanese punk, you’ll recognize singer, Ryoko from her previous group, Thug Murder. As their press letter reports: “Female fronted Japanese bands are cute… Scratch all that and start beating your skull with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.” It couldn’t be stated more accurately.


(Of course) it reminds us a bit of the Avengers, but it also has the ferocity of Casualties and the tight hooks of Rancid, punctuated by perfectly thuggish brute backing vocals.

All in all, this is one fierce four-piece. The lyrics are occasionally in Japanese, but usually appear to be in battered English. Either way, we can’t make heads or tails of much of it… It’s probably about kittens, cartoons, and cute stuff, but since we can’t be sure, we’ll just keep slamming our forties and playing this disc over and over ‘til our livers quiver.


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