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The Briefs – Steal Yer Heart

Three’s a(nother) charm for the band that taught Green Day how to dress. They may have formed in 2000, and have released half as many albums as the aforementioned ‘biggest rock band on Earth,’ but The Briefs have got the style down. With skinny ties and simplicity, stripes, and sunglasses that new wave could only have dreamed of…

These guys are the red carpet struters of punk.

But you can’t make it on looks alone, and neither do this Seattle foursome. Three albums in, these guys are still cranking out relentless anthems inspired by everything great in 77, 78, 79… They have the sarkie California punk accent, the sass of 60’s garage, and the simplicity that makes punk rock genius.

Like the Weirdos back in the day, and Screeching Weasel a little more recently, The Briefs clearly know that a song isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t make you want to dance, spit, and give the bird with a gleaming half-smiling grimace.

From the hilarity of “You Move Too Slow” or “Jerk Like You,” to the swaggering ballad “Stuck On You [Check out the bass line in the chorus].” Steal Yer Heart is another non-stop for The Briefs, who should honestly call every album: “Hit After Hit.”


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