Goldrush – Ozona

Taking cues from Dylan, Nick Drake, and their obvious nod to Neil Young, as well as American contemporaries Grandaddy and Mercury Rev, the Oxford, England quintet Goldrush manages to inject their English garage-style indie rock into a light hearted and soulful blend of country rock and folk.

Oranger – New Comes and Goes

It’s funny what some think about certain scenes – that the Bay Area is still packed with psychedelic, long-hairs walking barefoot to the Ben & Jerry’s for some Wavy Gravy. Or worse, that people still give a shit about Journey. Yea, the lights still go down in the city, but with the exception of maybe […]

Ticonderoga – Heilig-Levine

Ticonderoga is a three-piece who have been friends since grade school. The three of them Phil Moore, Mark Paulson, and Wes Phillips consider themselves to be songwriters. Each of the songs on their latest release Heilig-Levine are created as each member plays music chairs with songwriting, instrumentation and vocals. This leads to a varying sound […]

True Love – Wings

Everything I know about power pop I learned from Patrick Bateman and True Love. The New Jersey group’s new CD, Wings, teems with the genre defining vocal harmonizing and cheery, solid guitar riffs. The production sounds crisp- impressive as the majority of the Wings was recorded in band member Tom Beaujour’s basement, who in turn, […]

Valina – Epode

I must say that I am firmly lodged on the fence regarding Valina’s latest EP, Epode. This is the band’s third release, with the first two on a label from their native Austria. Moving on to 54°40’ or Fight!, this label has the odd habit of using pictures of James K. Polk as an emblem. […]