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Ticonderoga – Heilig-Levine

Ticonderoga is a three-piece who have been friends since grade school. The three of them Phil Moore, Mark Paulson, and Wes Phillips consider themselves to be songwriters. Each of the songs on their latest release Heilig-Levine are created as each member plays music chairs with songwriting, instrumentation and vocals. This leads to a varying sound from song to song which the band intends to change by making their next effort a more collaborative one.

Some of Heilig-Levine is more rock based with pounding drums and chunky guitars as the first song “Fucking Around” displays. It’s a short song that repeats the title often, sung in a low and soft voice. The songs “Poison Control” and “Snakes,” follows a similar sound and format, while the vocals on “Snakes” reaches more of a howl as “Country Mouse” vibrates with pulsating electronic sounds.


Also in the mix are short piano interludes interspersed, helping to provide separation and transition between songs like “Poison Control” and the low-key, acoustic “Why Do You Suppose?” As with “Country Mouse” Ticonderoga favors electronic sounds with layers of piano as on “Town,” and as a contract their a cappella side comes out on “Centipede.”

The gentlemen that make up Ticonderoga are obviously very talented. This is shown in their songwriting as well as their ability to play several instruments with seeming ease. However, I look forward to the next release. Listening to this LP is often like listening to several different ones, or perhaps a compilation album. The songs are good, there is just little sense of cohesion. It’s good, but talent such as this could very well produce something great.


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