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True Love – Wings

Everything I know about power pop I learned from Patrick Bateman and True Love. The New Jersey group’s new CD, Wings, teems with the genre defining vocal harmonizing and cheery, solid guitar riffs. The production sounds crisp- impressive as the majority of the Wings was recorded in band member Tom Beaujour’s basement, who in turn, is, “proud to say… that you can only hear the washing machine on one song.”


Any band complimented by the likes of Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices, “that’s damn good power pop” and Richard Lloyd (who appeared on a previous record, I Was Accident) of Television, “my favorite band” merits a listen.

While I have no desire to return to the Reagan years or hairspray my bangs, I don’t mind light-hearted, headbobbing songs- they don’t lose their relevance. True Love sounds like they’re having fun, which always lends a degree of appeal.


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