C – Universum

“Compost Rock,” is a self inflicted musical categorization made by this instrumental Czech foursome known only as C. From Tabor, situated about fifty miles south of Prague, they play an eclectic mix of instrumental music ranging from dub and psychedelic, to prog, post-hardcore, and new wave.

Emery – The Question

My hypothesis suggests that, much like the Sasquatch or Lochness Monster, the sophomore slump or jinx is ultimately a myth. Sure, there have been sightings, but with expectations set unusually high after most debuts, and less time to create, anything short of mind-blowing will be dubbed as a failure.

Pest – All Out Fall Out

Really not a fan of funk, the self-description of Deptford (London)’s Pest leads off with the word scarily up-front; but I braved it, and I think you’ll be interested too. Fortunately, All Out Fall Out takes a surfeit of cues from good disco and old R&B—with its Wah-Wah’s and its killer-quick drum fills and its […]

Tristan Prettyman – twentythree

Let’s get the obvious comparisons out of the way now, shall we? Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Jewel, Norah Jones, even John Mayer. Edie Brickell, maybe Lisa Loeb. But I hate most of them, and I kinda like Tristan Prettyman. Maybe because I can tell that what she really wants to be is Ani DiFranco, but […]

Supercreep – Supercreep

There is usually a silver lining in every rain cloud – most CDs I’ve heard have something good about them. When the rampant use of clichés found in Supercreep’s self titled debut finally comes to an end, does that count as something good? If not, I’m running on empty. First, it was nearly impossible not […]

Various Artists – Kaijuice

Weird music for weird monster-machine people – such is this CD, aimed at capturing the Tokyo monster rock/Godzilla-King Kong era with tracks from today’s modern artists. This compilation is packed with cool samplings, in fact, with everything from bratty, East Bay punk-esque offerings, “I wanna Be Japanese” by Kick in the Pants to Jungle-techno “Go […]

Viva K – Viva K

Viva K – Viva KStinky RecordsRumor has it Viva K was born when early member Evan Haros purchased a sitar in a Hollywood pawn shop that allegedly had once belonged to Beach Boy Brian Jones. It is a purely California story. The sitar does take the pole position on the first track, aptly titled “Guru.” […]

Falling Angels (Scott Smith)

Falling Angels

Falling Angels (Scott Smith) For many people, they are a product of their past. They never seem to escape it, and every day is the same, reliving events over and over in the present. Such is the life of Mary Field (Miranda Richardson) who exists in numbed state of bourbon induced purgatory, forever haunted by […]